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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Attachment Feature in Advanced Table

Please go through article Advanced Table in Advanced Table via View Link as I am creating attachment link in the existing Advanced Table Region.

This exercise has nothing to do with above mentioned exercise I just referred the already created table region to add the Attachment feature in existing screen.

Steps Followed

1. Create a new column inside the existing Advanced Table Region.
2.  Right click on that column  à New à Item.
3.  Item Style: attachmentImage
     Set following Property of this item:
                                                        *   Automatic Save   à  True
                                                        *   View Instance  ChildVO2

4. When you create item of Type attachmentImage automatically an entityMap get created.
     Set the Entity : DEMO_PA_ASSIGNMENT [This is what we put for testing].

5. Right Click on entityMap and create primaryKeys and here set the View Attribute property of it.

Save your work. Import page again to see the changes. Finally the page will look like this.

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  1. Hi,

    Please help me on this. When I clicked on Apply button from the attachment page, I am going back to the base page, but because page is reloading again I am loosing my all other data captured before I went for attachment. How can I restrict this? Thankyou.


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