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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Important Profile Options in OAF


Setting the FND : Diagnostics (FND_DIAGNOSTICS) profile option to "Yes" will enable the diagnostics global button to be rendered on the screen. Pressing this button brings the user to an interface where the user can choose what type of logged messages to display.

Personalization Levels

Personalizations can be enabled at the function, site, operating unit or responsibility level. Personalizations at lower levels override personalizations at higher levels. Values inherit the definition from the level immediately above unless changed.

FND: Personalization Region Link Enabled :
Valid values:  Yes - renders the "Personalize  Region" links above each  region in a page. Each link  takes you first to the Choose Personalization Context page, then to the Page Hierarchy Personalization page with focus on the region node from which  you selected the "Personalize  Region" link.

Personalize Self-Service Defn – Set this profile to Yes to allow personalizations.

Disable Self-Service Personalization - Yes will disable all personalizations at any level.

FND: Personalization Document Root Path (new in 11.5.10) - Set this profile option to a tmp directory with open (777)  permissions for migrating personalizations between instances.

How to See Log on Page

Enable profile Option FND_Diagnostics to "Yes" at User OR Site Level.

In Controller write this code:-
pageContext.writeDiagnostics(this, "Checking profile options", 1);

In Application Module write this code
getOADBTransaction().writeDiagnostics(this, "Checking Profile Option", 1);

Now to see log on screen Click on “Diagnostics” on Page [Top right on page]

Then Choose Show Log on Screen from the picklist and choose log level as Statement Level and Click on Go

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