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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Popup Regions in R12.1.2 for JDev 10G - OAF

Ajay came up with a new Article on the Popup Functionality in R12.1.2 for Jdev 10G. Thanks Ajay.

Our objective is when a user hover its mouse over Employee Name field a popup window will open that shows details of that employee.

 Step 1
For this we will create an external region with AM definition as shown below name it as EmpSummaryPopupRN

 Step 2
 Now in our EmpSearch Page (Using the existing page) we will create a new flowLayout region and drag our EmpName messageStyledText field into it .

 Step 3
Now under this flowLayout region EmpNameLayout we will create a region of style popup and set Region property to above external region(EmpSummaryPopupRN, which we created in STEP1) name it as EmpSummaryPopup.

Now for the popup region to come up as soon as a user hover over EmpName field we need to set some Properties of this  field like 

 ID : EmpName
Popup ID :  EmpSummaryPopup
Popup Render Event : onHover
Popup Enable : True

After completing this Run your page and Hover over EmpName field you will see a new Popup window coming on to your page as shown in starting of this article.


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  1. Can you please tell me how did you pass parameter like tht pop knows how to show data for tht specific employee


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