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Friday, November 8, 2013

Improved Record History | Release R12.2

New in release R12.2

Record History now shows user names rather than user IDs for the ‘Last Updated By’ and ‘Created By’ fields.

Release 12.1.1

Record History is a feature that allows a user to see data about a particular record, such as who created the record and when, and who most recently updated the record and when. Record History is now available for Oracle Application Framework based pages.

It can be possible by setting Profile "FND: Record History Enabled" to Yes for the Header and Table objects. This allows users to see who created or last updated data.

However, it has been seen that after implementing these changes, the record history icon will appear in the header sections and as an additional column in tables, but it doesn't work. When users click on the Record History icon, a small window pops up with either an error message, or all values as null. If that is the case then please raise a SR with Oracle.

For eq - The Record History feature requires changes in the java code which have not yet been implemented in the AR/TCA product.


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