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Friday, March 4, 2016

Dynamic View Object through Personalization | R12.2 New Feature

               Create View Object through Personalization

This post will help you to understand on how we can create a view object with the help of OAF personalization.

1. Set 'Personalize Self-Service Defn' & 'FND: Personalization Region Link Enabled' Profile options so that you can get the personalization link.

2. In R12.2 we get the personalize link through the Setting icon as seen below.

3. Then navigate to any oaf page and click on 'Personalize Page' and then click on 'Model Personalization'

 4. Click on create button to create a Dynamic View Object. We can only create a dynamic read-only view instance that encapsulates a database query, to the root application module of the current OA Framework-based page.

Once you create a new dynamic view instance, you can also enable, disable, or delete the view instance, or delete the model personalization from the root application module.

5. Now specify a name for the view instance and enter the SQL query for the view instance.

 6. Select Apply to save the changes.

 7.  Then I have created a Advance Table and three columns through personalization only to see the data which I have defined in above view object. Columns are - User Name,

 8.  Now as per below screenshots you can see that a view only table region get added to existing OAF page and also it is showing the data.


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