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Sunday, April 5, 2009

How to Capture LOV Event

if (pageContext.isLovEvent())
      System.out.println("Inside LOV Event");
      String lovInputSourceId = pageContext.getLovInputSourceId();
//checking which lov event is fired.
//Below EmployeeLovInput is the ID of messageLovInput
   if ("EmployeeLovInput".equals(lovInputSourceId))
         //Invokes AM Method 

The pageContext.isLovEvent method returns true/Fires if the event value is LOV_UPDATE (meaning the user selected a value from the LOV modal window), or LOV_VALIDATE (meaning the user tabbed out of the LOV input field on the base page).

1 comment:

  1. Hi Anil, I have a issue using the lovValidate event.
    When we give a value in the lov field and tab out, there is no activity in the PFR.

    Thus no event is fired and no validation happening.
    I have set the properties like disable server validation as true and also the lovmapping use for validation is yes. Still no event/action on tab out from LOV field.

    Please help.
    Thanks, Ramesh.


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