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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Diagnosing Personalization Problems

About this Page link shows document path and all personalization documents

• MDS pages saved under /mds/comp/sub/file.xml
• XML files imported into MDS repository at customer site

Use the Functional Administrator Responsibility / Application Catalog Tool to disable individual personalization documents

• Turn off personalizations for the entire instance by setting the following profile to ‘Yes’
• Disable Self-service Personal / FND_DISABLE_OA_CUSTOMIZATIONS

Use SQL*Plus to see personalization registration
• Turn on diagnostic messaging in SQL*Plus
• SQL> set serveroutput on

//Review what personalization documents exist for a given page

• execute jdr_utils.listcustomizations('/oracle/apps/fnd/wf/worklist/webui/FullWorklistPG');

//Review a personalization document

• execute jdr_utils.printdocument('/oracle/apps/fnd/customizations/user/2662/wf/worklist/webui/

// Delete a personalization document

• execute jdr_utils.deletedocument('/oracle/apps/fnd/customizations/user/2662/wf/worklist/webui/

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