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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Deploying Personalizations

The Functional Administrator responsibility provides a simple UI that lets you both export meta data to XML files, and import XML files into a MDS repository.

1. You have to  set the profile option FND: Personalization Document Root Path (FND_PERZ_DOC_ROOT_PATH) to a root directory in your file system where your files are to be exported to or imported from.

2. Log in to the Oracle E-Business Suite under the Functional Administrator responsibility.

3. Select the Personalizations tab, then select the Import/Export sub tab.

4. Select the pages, regions or packages you wish to export, then select Export to File.

5. Once you export your meta data to XML files on the file system, you should login to the other Oracle E-Business Suite environment that you want to import these files.

6. To import the XML files from your file system into another MDS repository, login to the other Oracle E-Business Suite environment as a Functional Administrator. Select the Personalizations tab, then select the Import/Export sub tab. Select Exported Personalizations from the side navigation menu to display the Exported Personalizations page.

7. Select all the documents you wish to import and choose Import from File System.

You can review the personalization through  JDR_UTILS . It is a PL/SQL package that allows you to evaluate the list of personalization documents that are in your MDS repository.

For example, to see all
the personalization documents for the Notifications Worklist Table, execute the following command:


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    I am facing a strange problem , there is a mechanism where we can enable the "register Here" link on the application login page . When the user clicks on "register Here" he can raise request for a role. We have a custom page for 11i environment which we have compiled in R12. The issue is when we click on the "Register Here" link instead of opening the page it prompts for user name and password. When I put satndard oracle page it doesnt prompts for username and password.
    Is there anything which we do on custom page for it to not prompt the username and password and directly open the page


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